Welcome To Murrells Hospitality Group

Murrells Hospitality Group is a locally owned business in West Waylong. The company operates hotels and accommodation properties around the Central West and Riverina. Ben and Rachel Murrells began this company in 2011 when they purchased the leasehold of the Central Hotel in Ungarie, NSW. 
Since then, the company has grown to add the Ardeanal Motel West Wyalong and newly appointed venue the Top Town Tavern on Wyalong NSW. 

Each venue offers a point of difference with their food and drink style and function and event packages. But, our main focus is on quality and value for our customers. 

In addition to hotels and accommodation, Murrells Hospitality also make wholesale pizzas. Slices Pizza create and deliver delicious gourmet pizzas to venues around the Riverina and Central West. Since 2014, Slices Pizza has been providing venues with everything they need to add pizza as an offering without the hassle.

Most importantly, Murrells Hospitality Group strive to sell delicious, affordable, and country style food and beverage to match. We always provide our customers with great service by showing warmth, kindness and the ability to express knowledge and keep a professional outlook at all times. 

Above all, we like to keep our ideas fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the hospitality industry.

Top Town Tavern

Temora Hotel

Ardeanal Motel